Thursday, July 6, 2017

Pride Parade and Gresham Sunday Parkways

Last month, Brad and I went to Portland's Pride Parade before exploring Gresham on foot.

I've been to (and IN!) many parades. I have to say, this one was probably the most joyful - and definitely the most colorful! 
We didn't have time to stay for the whole event, but we saw the start and an hour's worth of mostly corporate entries. Rainbows everywhere!

It was such a beautiful scene - with people cutting loose and being themselves. We felt honored to be in that space. We'll be back!
After, we drove east for Gresham Sunday Parkways. I'd seen the event announcement on the morning news and thought it would be a fun way to get our workout.

Brad's scared of sharks, so I always make him take pictures like this:
The route was 6 miles and mostly on paths. It was a nice route, but in the middle of a really hot, humid day, it was a little rough. We should have run first thing and then on to the parade. Next time :) 
This was the city's first stab at a Sunday Parkways (Portland has done them for years), and I think they did a great job! Also, we encountered so many really nice people! 

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