Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baby raccoons!

We live in the middle of suburbia, but with giant trees on ours and surrounding properties and a nearby creek, we have lots of wildlife. Last night we fell asleep listening to owls hooting outside our bedroom. We once spotted a coyote in front of a neighbor's house. And we have enough squirrels to form a small circus.

This weekend Brad was looking out the window as a mom and two fuzzy baby raccoons made their way down the oak tree outside our bedroom. We watched mom apparently looking for food while the babies played in my plants. Brad grabbed the camera and snapped a few pictures through the windows as they explored the wood pile and compost bins.
Mom climbed over the fence:
Big jump:
The babies struggled to get over the fence:
They finally got up, but walking along the top proved very challenging:
FUN! :)

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