Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter family, food, hunt & run

Easter at our house started early with me rearranging a bunch of kitchen cupboards. I woke with a plan, and since Sleeping Beauty was dead to the world, I went to work on some reorganization - my favorite thing :)

Then it was on to second service at Newberg Friends and holiday dinner with Brad's fam at Friendsview.
Man, that food is SOOO good. Seriously. I ate way too much cheesy potatoes.
I had to try all the desserts, so Brad and I shared:
Thanks, Barbara, for the delicious meal!

Because we hadn't eaten enough in Newberg (yeah, right!!), we drove to Ma & Pa's in Tigard for brunch with my family.

Miraculously, the weather was good enough for an outside Easter egg hunt!
Cousin Jessie:
Cousin Kayla: (It looks like she's studying that planting area, but she's really texting. she's 15 :) )
Ma & Pa:
Pa trying out his new DSLR:
Found some:
We were also celebrating Dad's birthday (on Tuesday):
And Aunt Kari's birthday (on Thursday):
After nice family time, it was alone time on the streets of Tigard. Long run in the sun:
Happy (Belated) Easter :)

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