Thursday, April 26, 2012

Will run hills for hot dogs

Sunday evening posed a dilemma: We had to run a few miles. But we were also invited to a BBQ at my grandparents' house. 


How about we run to their house, eat hot dogs and then run home? Perfect. Except they live at the top of a big hill.

A hill workout!
I was really, really sore from Saturday's steep hike and Sunday afternoon's yard work. So I took it slower and motored to the top of Canterbury Hill. I think I averaged a 10:01-minute mile.

We had a nice family dinner with hot dogs (veggie for me!) roasted on the fire, homemade bread-and-butter pickles and Mom's potato salad - my absolute favorite!!!! Topped it off with berry/apple crisp and berry shortcake. YUM!

We ran home before it got dark and ended up doing 4.52 miles in 44:18.
I got up Monday and could hardly walk (between the sore muscles and two gigantic heel blisters)! After hobbling around all day, I went to spin class and took it a bit easy.

I woke Tuesday and felt much better. Who knew spin could be a recovery workout?!?! :)

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