Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tempo Thursday: spring shower

It's rained all day. And my legs are pooped from Friday's 12 miler, Saturday's ski trip and two great spin classes this week.

I didn't bring my hat to work (can't run in the rain with glasses and no hat!), so I almost bagged out on Tempo Thursday. But I rode my bike home and realized that the rain was warm and kinda refreshing. It smells like spring out there!

So I changed my clothes quickly before I changed my mind and went out to do 3ish miles. Because I'm tired, I decided to run comfortably and without watching my pace.
I finished 3.1 miles in 28:14 - a 9:06 average. I slowed down for a bit and then sped up to finish it out... another .95 miles in 8:17 - an 8:46 average.
In all, 4.05 miles in 36:32 - a 9:02 pace. Felt good!

It rained hard the whole time I was out, and I am soaked to the bone. Time for a hot shower before I freeze my baguettes off :)

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