Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flattery will get you everywhere

I try to keep to my workout schedule: Monday spin, Wednesday spin, Thursday tempo/track, Saturday or Sunday long run.
I really need specific plans - otherwise, it's too easy to fall off the wagon. I thrive with that external motivation.
That being said...
I changed it up this week. While I would normally change clothes right after work Thursday and hit the pavement, I rode my bike home and took a rest day instead, including reading, a nap and dinner out!

I'm exhausted. I had one of those weeks where every time I crossed something off my list, three more things were added. Not only could I not get ahead, I couldn't even keep up. Thankfully, most weeks are not like this - otherwise I wouldn't last real long at my job.

So after my very productive workday on Friday (no school for end of the quarter), I decided to go on my long run: 11 miles.
I tried a variation on my new route and felt good, keeping it around 9:45.

Side note: Two guys, maybe late high school, drove past me in a really nice, black convertible with the top down. As they passed, they revved the engine and looked in my direction. I laughed right out load and said (under my breath), "I'm your TEACHER!" Wouldn't they be mortified if they knew?!?!

And while I'm flattered, I'm certain the revving was much more about them showing off their car than them being excited to see me ;)

I planned to reach 11 while still out and then finish with a slower jog home. I ended up just a little bit short: 10.79 miles in 1:45:10 - a 9:45 average.

I walked up a big hill and then jogged the rest of the way, completing 12.02 miles in 1:59:32 - a 9:57 average (including my hill walk).
I am so pleased with my time! I think I am right on target for my half next month. WOOHOO :)

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