Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The birthday that keeps on giving

Man, I do love to string out a birthday!

The party started last Friday night with soup and cake with Brad's fam and the Starlight Run Saturday.

Then came graduation week at THS - probably my busiest week of the year. 

Linda made my favorite mint-chocolate cookies for Bells. And Bill delivered the perfect gift.
Thursday rolled around (my actual birthday - 6/7), bringing a balloon and doughnuts from Mom, a gift from my coworkers, the senior awards assembly - and free BBQ lunch! And our once-monthly union meeting. I considered all the attention just for me :)
After work, I gave myself the present of a solid run in the midst of a crazy week. I squeezed in 3.6 miles for my 36th birthday!

Timer fail:
 3.6 miles in 33:50 - a 9:24 average. Not fast but not slow. Solid.
After a fast shower in the locker room and a fast meeting (thankfully!), we met the fam at my favorite restaurant: Native Foods Cafe.
 "Chicken" Run Ranch Burger with seasoned fries. WOOHOO!
Then the fam came over for a rousing game of May I. I did not win. Mom was not only keeping score but also tallying all the times I said, "But it's my birthday!" as I was losing. Nice.

Friday brought graduation, a very long but awesome day at work.

After a nap Saturday, it was time for more birthday fun! Brad took me to see The Hunger Games.
I thought it was OK but didn't love it. I did love the book!

Later, after another nap, we went for fish tacos at Taco del Mar:
Pork Mondo Burrito for Brad:
Then next door for a little birthday froyo at YoTown:
Thanks to everyone who made my birthday week special :)

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