Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Running Day: morning miles

Even though it's our last spin class of the year, it's also National Running Day... so I put in a few miles this morning as the sun was coming up.
I turned on my Garmin and heard the beep... the low-battery beep :(

So I strapped on my stopwatch and headed out on a loop I know to be close to 5K. I felt good and ran fast, stopping at 25 minutes and walking the rest of the way home to cool down.
Pretty nice sunrise, don't you think?
I mapped my run on Google, and it was 3 miles. 3 miles in 25 minutes. Wow. That's a PR for me :)

My knee, which I injured about a decade ago and has been janky ever since, has been giving me trouble since last week. It felt fine during my run but now feels a bit "off". 

As always, I iced it down after my workout:
If you're a runner, or just someone who likes to get your body moving, I hope you get out today! If you're in the Portland area, take advantage of the break in the rain.

Happy National Running Day!!! :)

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