Friday, June 1, 2012

Another day, another 5K

I think I've found my calling: pacing/motivating slow runners!

So Connie has two "Individual Fitness" classes during fourth period - alternating every other day. We did one final Thursday - a 5K run through Cook Park. Today I ran again, this time for the 4B final.
I brought up the rear again, helping a couple students make it under 40 minutes to get full credit. They were reluctant but humored me while we played the "lollipop game." I am proud of their hard work :)

I finished 3.15 miles in 39:08, a 12:25 average:
 I needed a couple things from the store and decided to just peddle over to Bi-Mart:
I love my bike :)

Prompted by another blogger, I joined the June Green Smoothie Challenge. So when I got home, I grabbed some greens from the driveway and threw together a small smoothie to hold me over until family dinner later in Newberg.
In the mix: baby spinach and chard, canned pineapple, flax, Greek yogurt and soy milk.
Very tasty!
 Also kicking off today is my birthday month!
I believe wholeheartedly in milking birthdays for all you can get. And since my birthday falls on a Thursday this year, I'm claiming the weekends on both ends!
Mickey's ready to celebrate, too!

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