Monday, June 4, 2012

Hot dogs = rock stars!

I had amazing fun Saturday night at the Starlight Run... truly amazing!

I've done the race twice before: in 2010 in hula costumes and in 2011 with Girls on the Run.

This year, Lindsey, Eryn and I wore sweet hot dog costumes that I picked up on super-clearance (like $3 each!) after Halloween at Kmart. They were kids' sized, but we made it work:
It was a rock-and-roll theme, so many of the other costumes were Elvis, KISS, Katy Perry, LMFAO, etc.
Brad was supposed to be climbing Mount Hood, but the weather did not cooperate. So he ran with us, but without the costume. Instead, he was our official photographer.
Lined up and ready to go:
Here we go (yes, that guy is wearing a fake, plastic butt):
The course follows the Starlight Parade route, so you run past thousands and thousands of people waiting for the parade.
We were warming up, feeling good in the cool weather. Then we started hearing the cheers: hot dogs! The kids lining the route were going crazy for our hot dog costumes. Like crazier than you could imagine. Like crazier than if Barney himself was in the parade.

We were blown away by all the cheers from the kids and even the adults.
I gave high fives to hundreds of screaming children:
We discussed this phenomenon, and I came to a conclusion. Children don't know KISS or Elvis, really. But all kids know hot dogs! :)
A few people called us bacon - or wieners, but only a couple people were inappropriate. My favorite comment came from a little kid: "I don't like mustard!" ;)
This was, literally, one of the funnest, best days of my life!
Eryn had to walk a bit, so it was just two hot dogs crossing the finish line together.
Traffic jam:
The costumes were great for running, but the hoods got a bit hot. We ripped them off as soon as we crossed the line:
Our third dog, dubbed "Little Smokie" by coworker Mickey, was just a couple minutes behind us:
Mob scene:
We had SO MUCH FUN! Thanks to my parents for always being a great support crew, to Brad for capturing the craziness on "film" and for Lindsey and Eryn for joining me on this hilarious adventure! 


I celebrated at home with a small green smoothie made with watermelon, flax, spinach and a splash of soy milk. Yummo!

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