Monday, October 15, 2012

Lazy, wet weekend fun

I love rain.

I've enjoyed the long, dry summer, but when they predicted rain returning this weekend, I rejoiced!

Friday, I threw on my rain jacket for my first wet commute of the school year.
Family dinner at Red Robin before Aunt Cynthia and Uncle Don head south for the winter:
Ran into this awesome family:
Saturday was a very, very rare day: nothing on the calendar!

So I slept in, paid some bills and went for a very muggy run. Brad, still recovering from 26.2 miles, opted to ride his bike along side.
With my next race coming this Sunday, I decided to make this my last "long", hard run of the week so I can taper and aim for a new 10K PR. I ran 5.85 miles at a 9:09 average, including a walk break
We were in a shopping mood, so we headed to Woodburn to check out the outlets. Brad misread a label and tried on this huge pants :)
We ended up with a bunch of good deals!

Our lazy Saturday balanced our Sunday, which was packed with all kinds of fun stuff.

First up: our first handbell performance of the season.
Halloween socks!
Between services, I took a stroll around town. It was perfect fall weather.
Two blocks from NFC was a memorial for the 1-year-old boy killed Monday by a car. It was touching to see all the toys, balloons and candles.
I learned the history of Renne School:
After church, it was time for a cider/honey party at the Goodfellows' house! So happy that Jeremy and Bethany joined us for the fun :)
When the little kids weren't looking, I stole their tractor and transported some corn:
THEN... burrito bar and May I at Eryn's house:
We watched the Giants while we played cards.
They rallied back but couldn't get ahead. Next time :)

What a fun weekend!

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