Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So conflicted

You know who has the coolest grandma? Me!

Every year, Ma gives me a Halloween treat, including a new pair of holiday socks.  I truly look forward to opening my package and discovering my new goodies!

This year's socks are so rad. I just can't stop bragging about my sparkly spiders and webs :)
After work yesterday, I changed out of my sweet socks and into my running shoes for a short sweat fest in the stadium.
It was spitting rain. You know, that horrible, sorta misting precip that's a bit miserable. Fortunately, a typhoon off Japan is influencing our weather, so it was plenty warm.

Low clouds = no Mount Hood:
Because I'm racing this weekend and hoping for a PR, I did just 20 minutes of stairs. Need to rest those tired muscles.

After a wet bike ride home, a warm shower and a short nap in front of the fireplace, I was off to handbell rehearsal. I went with the sparkly socks and ghost party pants:
Then came the conflict: Christmas music!
It felt funny to be playing Christmas tunes while wearing my Halloween garb.

I got over it :)

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