Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wienie gets a PDR

I have a good dad!

After Saturday's band competition schedule was finally announced, Eryn and I signed up for the Run for your Bones, a Halloween-themed race at The Reserve golf course in Aloha.

At the last minute, Dad decided to join us for the 5K... in our hot dog costumes!
The course, which was entirely on the golf course paths, was really fun! It was twisty with little rolling hills - and surprisingly scenic. However, it was raining, and poor drainage had us running through huge puddles.

It was a small event with just over 100 runners between the 5K, 10K and 15K. Dad had planned to walk/run, but we decided to start off running. He looked great, so I bribed him with free breakfast if he ran the whole thing (which he's never done!!!!). 

Of course, he did it!!! You just have to find the right motivation ;)

We stuck together, and he finished in 38:45 - a 12:26 average:
Nice job, Dad! I knew you could do it! New PDR (personal distance record) - FIRST 5K RUN!!!

Uberthon always brags about putting on awesome races. We weren't impressed. Despite the pouring rain and cold temps, there was no clothes check. The post-race party was under cover but pretty lame. The timing system didn't really work right, and they first announced me as one of the winners. No, I was not.

But it was still a great morning - so proud of my wienie of a father :)
And speaking of silly costumes, Friday was our Think Pink football game at THS. It's for breast-cancer support, but to me, it's a perfect excuse to dress like a freak :)

Brad was so impressed that he insisted on taking my picture before I jumped on my bike and headed to the game:
I wore my cape on my bicycle. It was epic.
Oh, and we won... big... again :)

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