Monday, February 4, 2013


Super Bowl Sunday is a special holiday to me. I love a good football game, and since we have a giant screen, our house is a natural gathering spot for Super Bowl revelry.

Dad is from the Bay Area, and the 49ers have always been his team. (I consider both San Francisco and Seattle to be my teams) Eryn and I wanted to make it special for him, so we spent the past weeks gathering party supplies to spiff up the place.

She came over Saturday to decorate:
Everyone contributed to the burrito bar:
And desserts. Notice the carefully chosen red-and-gold candies and the accidentally chosen red-and-gold pop: 
We kept it small this year, with Mom, Dad, Eryn and Grandpa. We settled in to watch the game on the 96-inch monster screen!
Together, we mourned the first half and then celebrated the second half. Too bad we couldn't win it in the end!


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