Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sunny 100!

It was sunny and warm out there yesterday!

I really wasn't up for my afternoon run. Work has been crazy this week with a never-ending list of tasks, my cat is sick, I'm tired, and I have a huge list of stuff to get done this weekend. I've been off my game, and I really just wanted to bag it and crawl into bed.

But my race is next weekend, and I knew it was now or never. Thankfully, that 55 degrees made it a bit easier to get out... in shorts!!
Since I went long last weekend, my plan was to do an easy, short 10 miles (I know, that sounds incredibly stupid in my head, too!) I set out slow but ended up, again, settling into a faster-than-expected groove.
And then, I knew that if I went just a little farther, I'd hit the 100-mile mark for 2013 - in just one month! I still felt strong, so I polished it off...

11.19 miles at a 9:37 average:
So much for slow, easy and short! I just can't back down from a challenge ;)

It was still warm and sunny when I arrived back at THS:
Now it's officially taper time! Can't wait to see how I do next Saturday. I feel ready, but there's that big hill... We're going to drive the course tomorrow and see just how big that hill really is :)

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