Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lindsey's birthday food-cart crawl

In honor of Lindsey's birthday, a bunch of us bundled up on one of the coldest days of the season (but at least it was dry!!!) and went to Portland for a food-cart crawl! We started at A La Carts at Southeast 50th and Division: So many decisions! Birthday hugs... We decided Lindsey needed to try 30 different things for her 30th birthday. So we all chose a different dish and met back in the middle to sample. My choice: The OTG burger with a veggie volt: Amanda was tempted by both the soup of the day and the Love Triangle: The burger won out: It was an Emu Burger for Amy: Stacked Eggplant Parm for Beth: Tumbleweed Pizza for Eryn: King Crab Chowder (from a bus!) for Sarah: And Pork Schnitzel and Sour Kraut for Lindsey: Take a bite and pass it to your right... YUM! Everything was excellent! After filling up on lunch, we headed west on Division toward the D-Street Noshery pod at 32nd. One of Lindsey's favorite hobbies is bargain hunting at thrift shops... good thing there were several stores in the area. Feather earrings, anyone? Across the street was the next pod on our list. We sampled from Herb's Mac & Cheese: Warm, creamy, cheesy goodness. Herb made a special sampler for the birthday girl. YAY, HERB! How about Pie Holes all around?? OK! S'mores: Hazelnut Kahlua: Pecan: Lemon: We all sampled these, too... we are such a sharing bunch :) Next up, the Waffle Window at Southeast 36th and Hawthorne: We were getting full, so we just ordered two to share. Bananamisu: And Hot Apple Pie: Both were great, but the Hot Apple Pie was AMAZING! I love this picture! It was not staged... Across the street was a new Goodwill Boutique. Obviously, our next stop: On our walk back toward the cars, we spotted this strange little wigged snowman: How about some Turkish food? SO FULL! Maybe just a sample of baklava (Lindsey's 20th tasting -including some hot and cold drinks at the Waffle Window): Guess what's across the street? I think we all ended up with a bargain or two by the end of the tour: We decided to take a break from eating and head to Amy's house for presents and games. Tully was very excited to join the party: A rousing game of Taboo... "old ladies" vs. "young ladies". OLD LADIES RULE!! Unfortunately, I had to get up really early Sunday to play handbells at church and had to split. I believe they went back out and finished off Lindsey's last 10 samples :)

It was a SUPER-FUN day, and I want to do it again and again! Thanks a million to Lindsey for wanting to share her special day with us. And thanks to Amy for organizing such a fun time!
If you're heading out to tour the carts, I'd suggest going with a group so you order lots of food to sample - that was a blast!


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