Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No-TV Tuesday: movies and the home gym

No-TV Tuesday started with some reading, a short nap and a very yummy fish burrito.

Then we threw in a Redbox: The Campaign, with Will Ferrell.
It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, but it had us laughing and relaxing, so it was perfect.

It was a rest day for me, so I decided to do a very short treadmill run with my FiveFingers:
I also discovered how hard it is to photograph your feet without your legs looking gigantic!

I did a very slow 1.1 miles:
Felt pretty good at the time, but I'm not sure this barefoot running is for me. My knee felt a little tweaked last night, and my ankle hurts a bit today. Maybe I'll stick to my cushy Saucony Guides.
Brad joined me in our little home gym, and we watched the beginning of One Night at McCool's (burning through those old VHS tapes!):
Brad rode the elliptical while I used the treadmill. He did more than just one mile :)
I love this blurry action shot, where it looks like he's an amputee with those sweat running blades!

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