Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving times two

I've always lived with lots of relatives nearby. I love it, but at the holidays, it can make things a bit hectic.

With family spread out, you choose one side to visit, perhaps switching every other year. But with everyone close, there's no excuse, so everyone gets squeezed in. I always find it exhilarating! But it can sometimes leave me with a stomach ache... literally!

Brad's fam planned to gather at Mike and AJ's house for an early Thanksgiving dinner. AJ prepared the whole traditional spread, and it was SO good!
The chef:
The Wood/Goins clan:
And then came this mind-blowing pecan pie. WOW!
But the schedule got changed, and our early-afternoon dinner became a late-afternoon dinner. Just fine if it's your only feast of the day. BUT, it wasn't!

So right after we packed our tummies, we packed up the car and drove to Eryn's house in Tigard for Dinner No. 2 with the McKee/Fantz clan:

More traditional foods, plus a Wellington from Native Foods Cafe. Excellent!
Our hostess:
Out came the pies, but the thought of eating one more bite was more than Brad and I could handle. I served up the sweet goodness but didn't have any of my own. It was the first time I've ever  seen Brad turn down pie... ever.

Two excellent meals with family! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone :)

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