Tuesday, October 28, 2014

4 winners

October was an especially good month for us at the Road Runner Sports Discovery Run.

It was a zombie theme, and I asked for a little face paint (since I'm a big sweaty pig and didn't want my whole face to melt away)
The "survivors" got a 5-minute head start, then they released the zombies to chase after them. We were supposed to rip pieces of tape off their backs, but I only caught up to a couple young kids. It was way too awkward to grab the kids, so I didn't collect any extra points.

Tim and Sean joined us for the scavenger hunt and ran all over town with us, collecting raffle tickets as we went. Brad and I also spent $200 on two pair of shoes and a bra, netting us a whole bunch of blue tickets for the super-special in-store raffle.
Sean's number was called, then Tim's, then mine... and then Brad won the in-store raffle - worth $450!!!!!! He got free Mizuno shoes, a free race entry, free clothes from Road Runner and a subscription to a running music service!
What a fun night! And then we went to grab dinner at a taqueria - YUM!

I loved hanging out with these fellas - and us ALL winning was an awesome bonus :)

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