Thursday, October 30, 2014

Spooky treats

One of my very favorite parts of my job used to be cooking with my CE2 students. Working together in the kitchen allows me to really connect with my students and create awesome bonds. The experience also teaches them important kitchen skills (and MATH skills) -- and provides yummy treats to share with the class.

Unfortunately, all my added duties have my schedule packed, and I no longer have time to spend in the kitchen.

But yesterday I squeezed in a little kitchen time for some super-quick rice crispy treats - with Monique and Jazmin!
Neither girl had made the sugary treats before, and they were impressed by how quick and easy they came together. We added food coloring and sprinkles to make them festive. I let the girls do their own decorating, and Jazmin chose yellow coloring and rainbow sprinkles. Monique picked orange color with Halloween sprinkles.

I also let my helpers lick the spoons while I do the dishes.

It was great to be in the kitchen again with my students! And everyone enjoyed the afternoon treats :)

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