Friday, October 17, 2014

Well, that was fast!

I went in this morning for my second PT appointment and "graduated"!

After I warmed up on the treadmill and did my prescribed stretches, Dr. Laura measured my ankle flexibility and found me to be at 15 degrees. I was at 10 degrees at my Tuesday appointment!

She said I was progressing better than she anticipated. Laura said there wasn't anything else she'd suggest and I should just keep stretching and massaging with my little dolphin. Same prescription but now I only have to do it three times, twice a day:
We canceled next week's appointments and booked one for Oct. 30 just to make sure I'm still doing OK.

In my first appointment, Laura had mentioned possible hip weakness. But today she had me do more one- and two-legged squats. She said it was much better - my legs had likely been compensating for the tight ankles.

I've also had several pain-free runs in the past week! So all this time, I guess I just needed to loosen up those calves. HA!

Here's to forward progress and back to running :)

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