Thursday, October 16, 2014

Let's heal this heel

After last week's diagnosis confirmation by my podiatrist, I made an appointment for physical therapy to get specific exercises to get this Achilles tendonitis under control.

I came out of my first visit with some easy stretches to loosen my calves: 
Dr. Laura measured my range of motion and discovered my ankles bend just 10 degrees on each side. She said 15-20 is considered "good." Oops :)

Laura massaged my left calf for a long time (felt SO good!), then stretched my ankle joint. After, I measured at 15 degrees!

So my homework is to do these stretches and to keep up the self massage to get those things loose and take the pull off my tendons. I go back Friday and again twice next week.

I've had several pain-free runs in the past week or so, and I've feeling so optimistic that things are finally healing up after months and months. :)

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