Thursday, October 9, 2014

No. 40

No. 40 was The Rain Catchers by Jean Thesman - another THS castoff.

I really liked the story in this one. It's about a girl being raised by her grandmother in a house full of women. She goes on a few adventures and deals with some heavy issues.

But the writing style was very strange. Have you ever watched a TV show where the setting is on for blind viewers? Where they describe each scene out loud? That's what this felt like. It's written very matter-of-fact and in first person, present tense. It took a while to get used to the unusual voice: 

"I'm brushing dog hair off my skirt and I look sideways at her. Her dark head is tipped against the back of the porch swing and her eyes are shut."

"Muffled laughter comes from the porch roof and paint chips shower down on the railing."

"We fall silent, almost drowsy. It's nearly four o'clock on a hot June afternoon at my grandmother's house."

Does that feel weird to you??


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