Saturday, March 14, 2015

Adventure Thursday: Wildwood Part 1

Back on the Adventure-Thursday bandwagon, Dad and I have been hitting Tryon Creek State Park lately. But with the time change and more evening daylight, I suggested with hike the Wildwood Trail in Portland's Forest Park.

Several years ago, Brad, Tim, Laura and I hiked the entire 30-mile trail in four sections. I asked Dad if he wanted to try it and he agreed. We plan to do it in over the next four weeks, finishing just before he has back surgery that will take him out of the game for a while. (But hopefully alleviate lots of pain!)

Scheduling made Wednesday the better option this week, so I picked him up after work and drove to the Newberry Road trailhead - the far west end of the Wildwood Trail:
We easily covered the 8 miles of rolling trail to Springville Road, our exit for the week. We feared it would be really wet, but it just sprinkled the last hour or so. We were damp but not wet. And the temp was great for shorts and long sleeves.

We mostly had the place to ourselves, crossing paths with just eight people in 2.5 hours.
A short hike up the approach trail, and we were done!
Mom couldn't hike with us but volunteered to meet us at Springville and shuttle us back to the start. That was awesome and saved so much time! Thanks, Mom :)

Our reward was dinner at Davidsons - yum!
Brad got in on the action, too. He was having a rough week at work. Grumpy Pants:
Looking forward to next week's hike :)

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