Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wildwood Part 4: 30 miles done!

Dad and I have been doing almost-weekly hikes for quite a while. But he has back surgery coming up this week and will be missing out on the fun while he recovers and regains strength.

So we decided to challenge ourselves and hike Portland's Wildwood Trail (30+ miles!) in four installments. With the weather turning and surgery looming, we decided to finish it up Sunday after church. Brad finally got a day off (dang end-of-quarter pressures!) and joined us on the trail.

We started at the Birch Trail on Northwest 53rd off Cornell:
This is definitely the hilliest part of the trail, but Dad thought it was the prettiest. But since it was Sunday, and really hot, and the popular section of the trail, it was a bit like being at the mall! So many people! Usually hiking mid-week, we just aren't used to that. We've gotten spoiled :)

The Wildwood winds its way down, down, down to Balch Creek. On its shore is this random stone house, known to some as the Witch's Castle. It was Dad's first visit, so he had to explore:
The trail then climbs out of the canyon and up to Pittock Mansion. Then through Washington Park and the Hoyt Arboretum. Near the end, a lookout provides mountain views and some historical and geological info:
Finally... THE END!
30 miles on the Wildwood! Congrats, Dad :)
Mom's schedule allowed her three of the four times to be our shuttle driver, saving us tons of time. And then she got to partake in the refueling. Eryn skipped this hike to do her long run of the week and also need food... Davidson's food!
Good job, Dad! You're a fun trail buddy, and I can't wait until your back is all better so we can do even more this summer :)

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