Monday, March 2, 2015

Adventure Thursday - Wilson River Trail

A series of events led my family (minus Brad, who was busy with his own adventure) to take a quick beach trip this weekend.

Dad and I postponed Adventure Thursday until Friday and hiked about 4.5 miles on the Wilson River Trail on the way to the family house in Oceanside.

We planned to park at the Jones Creek Day-Use Area, but signs warned that the gate was locked at sunset. We didn't think we'd be out that late, but just in case something slowed us, or we decided to hike farther, we didn't want to be stuck. So we parked in the ungated Smith Homestead Day Use Area, just up the road.
We thought it would be rainy, but the weather ended up being perfect. Sprinkles fell for just a brief couple minutes, but we stayed dry.

The Tillamook Forest Center:
At the turn-around point... and apparently taking a little snooze:
Wilson Falls:
Getting a selfie with the tall falls was a bit tricky:
The falls runs right over the trail before heading down to the river:
On the return trip we spotted a heron land in a tree. Can you spot him - right in the middle of the photo:
A beautiful, tiny waterfall:
Made it back safe and sound - and all the car windows were intact!
I explored around the Smith Homestead for a few minutes. It's a gorgeous, historical spot. I can't believe I've never been before.

The section of trail we hiked is very flat and easy. There was a little elevation gain to reach the falls, but nothing difficult. And since it's been so dry all winter, the path was in good shape, only muddy in a couple spots.

While we were hiking, Mom and Eryn were finishing up at work and driving to meet us in Tillamook. We met up at the Pelican Pub, where I refueled with a veggie sandwich and beer cheese soup, split with Eryn:
The sandwich and fries were excellent, but the soup was just OK. It was really heavy on the beer, and I just don't love that flavor. I didn't dislike it but would not order it again.

I love hiking with my dad :)

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