Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Return to speedwork

Injury free and looking for a PR, I'm now in training for May's Hippie Chick Half. I'm desperate to do a sub-2:00 half marathon. I got a lot closer at my last race, but I still have to drop 4 minutes off my time. That's a lot! Hoping this flat course and estrogen-fest will help :)

So I'm officially on a training schedule - with speedwork and everything. The last time I did intervals or tempo runs was the weekend I got injured more than a year ago. I've missed the satisfaction from those intense workouts!

I'm a couple weeks in and just did my second tempo run last night on the 'mill.
It was sunny and crazy-warm outside, but the treadmill is best for speedwork. I opened the garage doors for fresh air, turned on Netflix and got to it.
It was a 35-minute progressive run, holding for a couple minutes at race pace at the top of the pyramid. With warmup and cooldown, I did 4.0 miles in all.

I began by finishing up an episode of The Fall, my newest Netflix obsession. The show ended about the time the running got tough. I switched to the Pitbull station on Pandora and ran hard through a couple songs.
Then back to The Fall for my cooldown.

Intervals next week!


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