Thursday, March 19, 2015

Adventure Thursday = Wildwood Wednesday

Full calendars have again forced our Adventure Thursday activity to move to Wednesday. I realized I like "Wildwood Wednesday" better, anyway!

This week's plan was Springville Road to Saltzman Road.

Mom wasn't available to help us shuttle, so we drove two cars to Forest Park and made our own shuttle. We started at last week's exit point: Springville Road.
 Look how sunny it was! A big change from last week's clouds and drizzle.
We hiked about 6 miles on the Wildwood Trail before heading up Saltzman Road to our other car.
We think it's about 7.5 miles in all.

Refueling happened at Native Foods Cafe, but I left my camera in the car. Eryn, Mom and Brad joined us, and yummy food was consumed! :)

Wildwood Wednesday: Part 1

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