Sunday, March 8, 2015

Super Sweaty Saturday

Brad and I both did doubles Saturday - long runs and a kickboxing class. Maybe not the smartest idea but lots of fun :)

It was long-run day, which meant 10+ for my marathon-training hubby and 6+ for my half-marathon-training self. The air was still chilly in the shade when I left the house shortly after 9 a.m. But before 2 miles, it was plenty warm enough to ditch the long-sleeved over shirt.

Because of a Garmin-pausing incident, I ended up running long - 7.25 in all. And I nailed my 9:30 average goal. That pace took a tiny bit more effort than I expected, but no biggie. 
Brad was home and cleaning up when I finished. He said he nailed his training run, too! Soaking from my sunny run, I also jumped in the shower for a quick clean and change before heading to Fierce for a technique class:
The very first thing we did was shuffle the width of the room - over and over and over again. Then, we did a series of kick/leg drills that involved holding one leg in kick position and hopping the width of the room - over and over and over again. MAN! That was really hard on tired legs. Talk about a brick workout!

We had a great time and learned some good tips to work on in class - including hand and foot positions. Plus we got another sweaty workout.
Group pictures after class:
A very fun way to spend out Saturday :)

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