Friday, March 20, 2015

Shamrock Run (3/15/15)

Sunday was my third - and wetest - Shamrock Run!
Luann joined us, and we got there way too early (I always get nervous and push the timeline up too far!). But we got a perfect parking spot and sat in the car, in the dark, listing to the steady rain until it was time to brave the elements and walk across the Hawthorne Bridge to Waterfront Park.

It was so wet that I decided to leave my camera in the car. So here's our only picture:
We were already wet by the time we arrive at the park, found some porta-potties and ditched our warmup clothes. Luann and I ran the 15K, which started at 7:30 a.m. We made our way into the mob, inched toward the start line, and finally, we were off!
The race is SO crowded! The crowd and energy is part of the awesomeness, but it also makes for a very slow start with lots of weaving. The 15K course, at least where I was, never cleared out. It thinned a bit but was wall-to-wall runners the whole time. 

Because of our recent training run on Terwilliger, I felt prepared for the big hill. But for this race, you start by going all the way up Broadway before you even get to Terwilliger. I knew I was in trouble when my legs were already tired near Portland State University. 

It was about that time that I told Luann I was turning on my music, and she said she was going to drop back a couple steps and meet me at the finish.

I did fine on Terwilliger, though I didn't feel as strong as I had hoped. Also, there was a problem with a water station not having water ready, costing me valuable time. :(

Still, I motored up, excited to hear the pipers at the top. I crested the hill, grabbed a slug of water and pointed downhill.

I was gunning for a 9:45 average, which would have been a PR over last year. But I didn't have Joel, my personal pacer, and I just couldn't do it. I pushed hard, dropping a whole 30 seconds off my pace in the last 3 miles. But I was soaked, it was crowded, and when I realized I wouldn't make my goal, it was REALLY difficult to keep pushing that hard.

Almost done:
I finished in 1:33:10 - a 9:53 average. The statistical average for the 15K? 1:33:20. Always smack-dab in the middle ;)
I got my medal and some water and headed back to the chute to watch Luann finish a couple minutes behind me. Nice job, Luann!!
Brad was running the inaugural half marathon, so Luann and I grabbed our salmon chowder and went to the bag check area to wait for him to finish. We may have danced a little to the music at the 5K starting line :)

Nice job on the 13.1, Babe!
Overall, it was a good, fun race. I knew going in that it would be super crowded - that's the nature of the beast. The temperature was perfect for running, and Sunday's crazy windstorm didn't start until we were finished. The rain was intense, but nothing use Oregon runners can't handle!

Mom, Eryn and Dad also ran, but we didn't even try to meet up since the crowds are so huge.

Until next year... :)

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