Sunday, March 22, 2015

No. 13

Back to non-fiction!

I have mysterious tummy troubles. I've experimented for years and years and years with traditional treatments, alternative treatments, experimental treatments. I've had every test and tried every medicine and diet.

A doctor once recommended the low-FODMAP diet. I've been researching it a bunch lately and decided to give it a try. Really, it's the only thing I haven't done, so it's kinda my last chance.

Dietician Patsy Catsos seems to be the leading authority, interpreting Australian research and creating an elimination plan. I ordered her book on Amazon, it arrived yesterday in the mail, and I devoured it in one sitting!

No. 13 is IBS Free at Last! The tag line is "Change your carbs, change your life" - oh, how relief would change my life!

The FODMAPs concept is really easy and really complicated at the same time. It gets fairly technical, and I'll spare you the details. If you want to know more, visit her very extensive Web site.

Everything in here makes SO much sense. The testimonials are spot-on with my own experiences. And a huge bonus is that the elimination phase is only a couple weeks. She says I should know almost immediately if FODMAPs are something that causes my trouble. If so, I can start the challenge phase: introducing each category one at a time to see my exact tolerances/intolerances.

So... the journey begins tomorrow with a two-week elimination diet. Fingers crossed for finally some answers and some relief!


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  1. Did you know there is a link with depression and IBS? Something to check out...