Sunday, March 25, 2012

9 great, 2 brutal miles

With our half marathon coming, it was time for Eryn and me to run 11 miles.

We decided to drive to Portland and run on the Springwater Corridor, Eastbank Esplanade and Waterfront Park.

The first 9 miles were fairly easy, but the last 2 were brutal. I barely finished. I think the heat/sun contributed. It was nearly 70 degrees for the first time since summer -- about 30 degrees warmer than Wednesday's snowy run!!

Here's the numbers:
  • 6.18 miles in 1:02:47 - a 10:09-minute-mile average
  • 1 minute walk break to eat gu
  • 2.78 miles in 28:44 - a 10:20-minute-mile average
The wheels fell off at this point, and I had to take several walk breaks.
  • 1.97 miles in 23:05 - an 11:44-minute-mile average
Still, I finished 11.01 in 1:55:57 - a 10:32 average.
I didn't feel strong (my muscles were killing me!) but that's a solid average pace. And I'm really glad I didn't have to do another 2 miles, because I don't think I could have pulled it off.

After cooling down, stretching, drinking chocolate milk and taking pictures, Eryn treated me to Subway. The air conditioning was on in the restaurant, so we had a little parking-lot picnic in the warm car:
Veggie patty for me. Half now, half for dinner:
And Eryn brought a salty treat to share. YUM :)
We're doing the Race with a View 10K next weekend in Long Beach, Calif., and then we'll try another long run. Hopefully less brutal.


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