Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monkey-butt burgers

Since I'm not leaving until Wednesday for Disneyland with 100+ teenagers, Brad took off Monday so we could take a mini beach vacation.

We left from church in Newberg and needed lunch ASAP. Amazingly, Brad agreed to eat at Alf's in McMinnville, where a little monkey lives inside a special room in the restaurant. Brad always freaks out about it, thinking the monkey poops in the food or something.
Still freaking out:
But then came the food: a jalapeno cheddar burger for Brad and a Gardenburger for me.
He deemed the burger "excellent" and said he would come back. But he also insisted on calling them "monkey-butt burgers."
Then we headed west to the outlets at Lincoln City and scored a few deals. Pants, shirt and bra for me and a couple long-sleeved workout shirts and a polypro short for Brad:
Brad also got those Merrell barefoot shoes - regular $110... for $33! Major score!

We drove north to crash at my grandparents' house in Oceanside (thanks, Ma & Pa!!!!).

It was gray and drizzly all day Sunday, but we woke Monday to blue skies, calm sea and warm temps.
After much lounging, we changed into running clothes and ran up, up, up to the top of the point. Short, but not really the lazy recovery run I was planning after Saturday's 11 miler!

2.38 miles in 26:20. Ouchy hills :)
Beautiful weather!
My new shoes are feeling great:
We both brought our Vibram Five Fingers to try on the beach. So while we were still sweaty and stinky, we went down and ran another couple miles on the sand.
Some clouds came in briefly, but it was still warm and mild.
The shoes felt awesome on the sand. But, man, did they work the lower calves. The barefoot nature of the shoes change your stride, and it works your leg muscles differently. I felt it a bit while we ran, but I felt it LOTS when I got up this morning. WOW.

That's why they suggest breaking them in very slowly.

While our trip was short, it was so nice and relaxing.
Now I really must get off the Internet and go pack for Vacation No. 2!


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  1. I love the Merrell barefoot shoes - what a steal for $33! I have the Pace Gloves and I use them for everything now.