Friday, January 18, 2013

Chilly 15K

This was my mantra all day:

Because I'm heading out of town very, very early tomorrow and will be traveling all day, I had to squeeze in my long run after work. I wasn't super excited about heading out in the fog and freezing temps. But at lunch, the sky cleared and the sun emerged! It's a lot easier to run in 30-degree temps when the sun is shining.

Training called for a 15K race. I didn't sign up for anything, so I figured I'd just run 9.3 on my own. I set out for King City and Tualatin, starting conservatively. But by about mile 6, I was feeling good and speeding up. I maintained and was even able to kick at the end, finishing 9.3 miles at a 9:37 average! I feel SO great about that!

Then I slowed for a cool down and ended up running 9.76 miles in all.
The fog was rolling back in by the time I reached my car at THS. Still, a beautiful winter sunset!
Tomorrow: travel day = rest day :)

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