Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Enid Lake (12/26/12)

Jill wanted to play in the snow during her visit from NYC, so we loaded up the day after Christmas and took the Woods to Hood.
We stopped at the Glacier View Sno-Park on Highway 26 just before Ski Bowl, snowshoed up and started out on the Kurt's Connection trail.
After that loop, we headed to Enid Lake:
We completed the Enid Lake loop, stopping halfway for a lunch break. 

The weather was perfect - warm and calm with snow showers alternating with blue sky. And when we returned to the car, there was a fresh busting of snow - yay!

It was nice to have an excuse to hit the mountain for a casual day in the snow :)

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  1. Wish we were with you, but are enjoying three of our grandkids in Holland. We went swimming today, but insisde. Mike & Aj