Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No-TV Tuesday: reading and running

First order of business for No-TV Tuesday: finish No. 8!
Eryn snagged the latest Michael Connelly from the Tualatin library, read it in two days and then passed it to me. Linus and I snuggled with my Christmas quilt and finished it off.

I've read every Connelly. I like the characters and the writing. Keep 'em coming, Mr. Connelly!

Sleepy from snuggling over the heater vent, Linus and I then took a short snooze. But then it was time to work out!

After skipping last week's speed session, I knew I had to nail it this week. And I did :)

Training called for 9 x 400. I did a slow warm-up mile, then started on my 400s with a 200-meter recovery between each interval. I finished nine and decided to throw in one more for good measure! Then a little cool down.

5.06 miles in all:

After a quick dinner with Brad, I worked on blogging about my trip to D.C. and the inauguration. Finally.

Then I finished up my No-TV Tuesday by climbing into bed and starting my next novel.


Bonus picture: Phil snoring Sunday between handbell performances :)

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