Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No-TV Tuesday: cheater edition

Because I squeaked out my run during lunch yesterday, I took full advantage of my commitment-free afternoon and snuggled up in my flannel sheets for a short snooze. It was glorious!

Then I prepped a dairy-free, soy-free pizza with ingredients from Trader Joe's and curled up with my book before Brad got home. But a big project kept him at work really late, and I got bored. I eventually baked the pizza without him ... and ate it in front of the TV.

Oops. No-TV Tuesday fail. Oh well.

When Brad finally got home, we went to THS to put his mad engineering skills to the test.
Our three-year-old spin bikes are needing some adjustment, and Brad generously agreed to take a look.

The solution wasn't as simple as he expected, but he came up with a plan to make it work.

YAY :)

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