Thursday, December 13, 2012

(CE)2 cupcakes and gingerbread

Added work duties this year don't leave me any time to bake. Major bummer.

But the holidays are a special time, so I skipped lunch yesterday to bake and prep gingerbread houses for my CE2 kiddos!

First up, Holiday Funfetti cupcakes in snowman liners:
All batters should include sprinkles :)
Frosted with chocolate and more sprinkles:
Then I prepped the gingerbread houses. I bought these kits on deep, deep discount after Christmas last year at Michaels:
These were a bit more tricky than I was expecting:
Fourth period, a bunch of students hung around to decorate and personalize the houses. Some people helped but didn't want to take the credit :)

Cinthya's masterpiece:
Jessica and her exotic, imported, green stone wall:
Wyatt's Allstate disaster house:
It started as a house, then because of my shoddy construction, one wall collapsed and it became a garage. Then the other wall collapsed and it was a carport.
Wyatt embraced it and named it the Allstate house.
Haley and Dani got fancy with the piping:
It was so fun to do holiday crafts with these guys :)

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